Uefa Champions League Draw Live Stream 5 August 2011

Uefa Champions League Draw
Uefa Champions League
August 5, 2011
11:00 GMT

Introduced for the 2009/10 edition, the play-offs consist of ten clubs in both the champions and league routes vying for a place in the group stage. The field for the champions route is made up exclusively of sides that came through the third qualifying round. The league route features the five winners from that stage plus the fourth-placed sides from the associations ranked one to three and the third-placed teams from the associations ranked four and five.

Balls containing the clubs that have been seeded according to the UEFA club coefficient rankings will be placed in one bowl, with balls of the unseeded clubs placed in another. A ball will be taken from each bowl and placed in a large empty bowl in the middle, where they will be shuffled. The first team drawn will play its first match at home against the second team drawn.

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