Arsenal vs Leyton FA Cup Match 2nd Leg Live Stream 2 March 2011

Arsenal vs Leyton Orient Preview Of The FA Cup match : Well this is an other big one of the week where the team of the of the Arsenal put themesleves into the front to get a win agaisnt the team of the Leyton . In their last meet the teams have make their match drawn agaisnt each other but can this time the result will be the same no becasue when Arsenal drawn their last match agaisnt the opponents in the FA Cup Arsenal scored 3 goals in the next Leg of the FA Cup. So this time again same thing is going to happen.

Arsenal got a good expirenced squad who beat the worlds best team Barcelona and this week they were going to face the Leyton for the FA Cup title shot match again in the 2nd Leg this match is looking important to them because after Losing their first trophy from the team of the Birmingh the Carling cup they have their eyes on the FA Cup , League title , And Uefa Champions League.


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